RFBitBanger Kit DEFCON31 Show Special

Be a part of the future with a prototype kit build of the RFBitBanger, a low-power high-frequency digital radio by Dr. Daniel Marks KW4TI. Presented by Open Research Institute, this kit is designed to produce 4 watts of power and opens up a new digital protocol called SCAMP. Your donation in exchange for this kit directly enables the development of an innovative Class E amplifier based radio design. It has a display, button menu navigation, and keyboard connection for keyboard modes and keyboard-enabled navigation. This radio can be taken portable or used in a case. If you have a 3d printer, then Dr. Marks has a design ready for you to print.

Receive a kit for your donation here: https://us.commitchange.com/ca/san-diego/open-research-institute/campaigns/defcon31-rfbitbanger-show-specpeial

  • Built-in digital modes: CW, RTTY, SCAMP (FSK and OOK, multiple speeds)
  • Key jack supports straight keys and iambic paddles
  • Open Source hardware and firmware, Arduino UNO compatible https://github.com/profdc9/RFBitBanger
  • External sound-card FSK digital modes supported (includes FT4/FT8)
  • Experimental SSB support
  • Serial port support (2400 baud) for send and receive in keyboard modes

SCAMP is a new protocol that allows keyboard-to-keyboard contacts with a digital protocol that has excellent connection performance. See Dr. Marks presentation about RFBitBanger at QSO Today Academy in September 2023 to learn more about SCAMP and the RFBitBanger project. Information about that event is here: https://www.qsotodayhamexpo.com/

Surface mount parts are pre-installed. You will need to have through-hole parts installation skills to complete the kit. If you don’t know how to wind toroids, this is an excellent kit to learn on. 80, 40, and 20 meter band pass filters are included. More will be available soon.

Support is provided through a dedicated Open Research Institute Slack channel.

Instructions on how to join are here:

Delivery is no earlier than late August 2023. Updates will be shared here in the news section as well as on the RFBitBanger page at https://www.openresearch.institute/rfbitbanger-project/

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