RFBitBanger Project

Be a part of the future with a prototype kit build of the RFBitBanger, a low-power high-frequency digital radio by Dr. Daniel Marks KW4TI. Presented by Open Research Institute, this kit is designed to produce 4 watts of power and opens up a new digital protocol called SCAMP.

Your donation in exchange for this kit directly enables the development of an innovative Class E amplifier based radio design.

Home page for Batch 1 (sold out) can be found here:

Dr. Marks gave a presentation about RFBitBanger at QSO Today Academy in September 2023 about SCAMP and the RFBitBanger project. When the presentation recording is available, it will be linked here.

Support for the RFBitBanger is provided through the rfbitbanger-talk ORI Slack channel.

Instructions on how to join ORI’s Slack account are here: https://www.openresearch.institute/getting-started/