• Phase 4 Ground Station – Digital microwave broadband communications system for space and terrestrial amateur radio use. Relies on an open source version of DVB-S2/X and polyphase filter banks. FDMA uplink at 5GHz and TDM downlink at 10GHz.
  • Phase 4 Space – Digital microwave broadband communications system for space. 6U, GEO and interplanetary. Relies on an open source version of DVB-S2/X and polyphase filter banks. FDMA uplink at 5GHz and TDM downlink at 10GHz. FPGA board, TT&C, and RF board design are all in progress.
  • Regulatory – Work covers ITAR, EAR, Debris Mitigation, and more.
  • Ribbit – Ham radio communications on VHF/UHF bands have been dominated by voice communications, which has a low density of information transmitted per spectrum allocated and can be a bottleneck to many conducting regular and emergency communications. We would like to present Ribbit, a new digital text messaging mode for VHF/UHF simplex and repeater communication, leveraging the computing power, GPS, and touchscreen interface of modern smartphones to enhance the capabilities of a simple Handy Talkie (or mobile transceiver).
  • Opulent Voice – high bitrate voice and data protocol. Native digital uplink for Phase 4 Ground and Space. Uses OPUS 16 kbps codec as a baseline. Higher bitrates are a build-time option. Uses COBS protocol, UDP and RTP to fully integrate with a wide variety of computing endpoints. Will be built in to Mayhem, GNU Radio, published in HDL, and offered as a standalone C++ modem.
  • M17 Project – M17 is a new digital radio protocol in development as an alternative to those currently available, with freedom in mind. Freedom in the code, protocol, voice codecs, and hardware. The goal is to provide a better option for digital radios in the future. The M17 Working Group is a team of several people from around the world. Headed up by Wojciech (SP5WWP) in Poland, there are several other Amateur Radio operators involved – putting their skills to work with the desire for a more free and open digital radio protocol that can be used world wide! You don’t have to be a licensed Amateur Radio operator to join the M17 Project. If you have skills in circuit design, microcontroller programming, CAD/CAM, circuit board prototyping, UI/X design, network and systems administration, end-user experience testing and QC, or you just want to build something – join M17 at
  • AmbaSat Inspired Sensors – Please visit for the proposal. 10 GHz sensor beacon designed and AmbaSat main board successfully moved from 915 MHz to 70cm ham band and prototypes built. Project scheduled for a sounding rocket testing. Professional development and student involvement have been achieved for a high capability ROI from this project.
  • Aqua Phage – Open Source bacteriophage work that addresses the damage to fish farming from antibiotic resistance in Tilapia. Remote Labs South leads an effort to secure funding for a scientific meeting.
  • Open Cars – Research on how we can accommodate autonomous driving systems without “locking down” automobiles so that only the dealer can service them. Currently on hiatus.