Getting Started at Open Research Institute

Do you want to join, participate, work on, contribute to, follow, or support an ORI project?

For Haifuraiya (GEO/HEO satellite), Aquaphage, RFBitBanger, Ground Station, Ribbit, and other Projects

1) Join the project mailing lists at

Lists are the easiest way to follow a project. You might want to review the mailing list archives for the project you’re interested in to see what has been happening lately.

2) Request an invite to the Slack workspace by sending an email to
Slack workspace is for daily engineering discussions between the participants.

3) Get invited to GitHub projects by sending an email to
This allows you to work on and contribute directly to all documents and source material for the projects you are interested in.

4) Read and commit to our Developer and Participant Policies.

5) Introduce yourself! Welcome to the project, we are so happy you are here.