RFBitBanger Batch 2

This page contains information specific to the second batch of RFBitBanger kits and resources for kit builders. Please see the RFBitBanger project page for general information about the project.

Batch 2 is the 2023 Solstice Special Edition Kit. The kit was announced in Autumn of 2023. The special ran until 21 December 2023. Production began on 22 December 2023 and kits were shipped on 30 January 2024. Kits not sold in the special sale will be available for purchase thereafter. Details to be announced.

Support for the RFBitBanger is provided through the rfbitbanger-talk channel on ORI’s Slack. Anyone interested in the project is welcome to join the chat. See Getting Started at Open Research Institute for instructions on how to join the Slack.

Resources for RFBitBanger Kit Builders

Please see RFBitBanger-kit repo for hardware and software source.

See also this video on winding the coils for RFBitBanger.