Open Research Institute Update: January 2024

Greetings all,

Thank you for being part of what Open Research Institute does.

There is a lot going on! If you are unfamiliar with our work, please visit our homepage at and look at the news feed.

Published work and detailed documentation is available on GitHub at

All of the project leads at ORI do their best to report all of their technical progress. All work is free for anyone to use.

A lot of ORI’s work is done in areas that are often overlooked by other technical or membership organizations. This work is overlooked not because it’s worthless, but because there’s additional baggage or burdens that keep innovative and modern things unnecessarily difficult for amateur radio to use and enjoy.

Sometimes these burdens are purely pecuniary. Sometimes these burdens are regulatory in nature. Sometimes these burdens are driven by fear of competition, an aversion to collaboration, personal ego, or political problems.

Sometimes the fear or caution is justified. An example would be for specific issues of national defense, as summarized in our developer and participant policies page on our website.

Often, the fears are not justified. ORI asserts that motivated and competent individuals, like the many members of our community, are fully capable of figuring out what is “FUD” (the conditions of fear, uncertainty, and doubt deliberately exploited in order to control a particular outcome) versus what is a real issue.

We directly oppose unnecessary burdens. We do accept legitimate limitations. We are here to relieve the risks related to unnecessary impediments, and we have been highly successful at this.

We will be continuing this work.

We do all we can to make it possible for citizen scientists and citizen engineers to fully participate in everything modern science and technology has to offer. That is our mission. This mission is worth supporting. We have increasingly broad support.

We will continue in 2024 to do exactly what we have been doing, and we welcome your continuing involvement.

Do you have opinions on how we can “up our game”? Please share them with ORI’s board of directors. Contact information below:

To write the entire board, please use

Thank you all for being a part of this very exciting movement! We have a positive impact on the amateur radio and amateur radio satellite service, and beyond.

-Michelle Thompson

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