Board of Directors

The directors are:

  • This Position is Open Interested people are invited to apply to ori at openresearch dot institute. Please send a letter describing your interests and qualifications and a resume or CV.

  • Michelle Thompson W5NYV, co-founder and CEO, mountain.michelle at gmail dot com — Michelle enjoys thinking and doing. Not necessary in that order. MSEE Information Theory from USC. Long-time DEFCON, Burning Man, and ham conference participant. Coordinates Open Research Institute?s Phase 4 Program serving AMSAT ( Lead for Organ Donor, an artificially intelligent touring pipe organ. Vice Chair for IEEE San Diego Information Theory Chapter. Lives in San Diego, CA and can be found as @abraxas3d on social media.
  • Karen Rucker KG5GAK, Secretary, An RF Engineer at Ball Aerospace, Karen will begin a master’s degree program at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall of 2020 in Aerospace Engineering. She will continue a specialization in remote sensing and RF engineering. Her open source community contributions include career mentorship, open source DSP frameworks, RF metadata standards, and antenna design.
  • Steve Conklin AI4QR, CFO, steve at conklinhouse dot com — Steve Conklin AI4QR has decades of experience in high-availability distributed safety-critical systems engineering and open source. He also brings experience as a former board member of a nonprofit which achieved rapid growth while retiring all debt during his 10 year tenure. BSECE from University of Alabama in Huntsville. Steve is a designer and fabricator working across electronic, mechanical, and software domains. Currently living in The Rocket City and employed as a Service Reliability Engineer at Salesforce.
  • Keith Wheeler KI7PEM Keith is a Principal Engineer at Infineon with extensive corporate and engineering experience. His skills include trade-off studies, making quality decisions under uncertainty, formal training in business administration, and entrepreneurship.

Previous directors are:

  • Ben Hilburn KJ4DDR, ben at hilburn dot dev — Ben loves open-source software, science, and communities. Extensive community organizing experience as GNU Radio Project lead.
  • Bruce Perens, President Emeritus

The Board of Directors is self-electing through a process of consensus and volunteerism. It constitutes the entire voting membership for the purposes of elections. The Board as a body can be contacted at board at openresearch dot institute.
All other participants are?granted Associate Membership for the purpose of being protected by ORI’s corporate shield,?and do not have voting privileges for the purposes of elections.