400 Subscriber Milestone on YouTube

Thank you to everyone reading this that has supported ORI and how we publish our work on YouTube.

I know YouTube is not for everyone, but it is an effective way to communicate what we do, what challenges we face, and it lets people know there’s a community out there 1) doing things that they might find wonderful and 2) is worth hearing more about.

We have 400 subscribers, which is a bit of a milestone. This is a lot for a very technical all-volunteer organization that devotes its time supporting and promoting project work, while staying firmly in the background.

Our proudest moments are when projects succeed and are recognized on their own merits, under their own name, and under their own branding. Ribbit, RFBitBanger, Haifuraiya, a variety of published Open Source FPGA work, FPGA training, Opulent Voice, Versatuner, Dumbbell, actively participating in IEEE, FCC TAC membership, Remote Labs, our many regulatory successes, and our active and successful mentoring in professional and academic settings – these are all clear indications that we’re on the right track and doing a great job.

Not explicitly mentioned are the many places we’ve helped projects succeed behind the scenes, around the world.

We are committed to an altruistic approach that delivers clear value to project work. This approach has been abused only once, by one organization.

Being accountable, open, and successful is the cost of doing our type of business. This is a price happily paid.

Thank you for being part of it!


ORI at QSO Today Academy 9-10 September 2023

Open Research Institute presents two talks and an organizational showcase at the 9-10 September QSO Today Academy this upcoming weekend. https://www.qsotodayhamexpo.com/

This online event features a broad array of amateur radio talks. The speakers are engaging and inspiring. Q&A, connection, and conversation are a priority at QSO Today.

See Dr. Daniel Marks speak about the RFBitBanger project and the SCAMP mode at 1300 US Pacific Time on 9 September. Details of the talk can be found at https://wze95h.qsotodayhamexpo.com/sessionInfo/_the_rfbitbanger_an_off_the_grid_emergency and the repository for this ORI project is https://github.com/profdc9/RFBitBanger

See Michelle Thompson speak about A Shortened HF Antenna at 0900 US Pacific Time on 9 September. Details of this talk can be found at https://wze95h.qsotodayhamexpo.com/sessionInfo/22 and the ORI repository for this project is https://github.com/OpenResearchInstitute/dumbbell

Please visit Open Research Institute’s exhibit at QSO Today Academy from the main portal.

Thank you to everyone that supports work at ORI.