Space and Satellite Symposium – The Role of Information Theory in Space with Special Emphasis on Amateur Radio and Amateur Satellite

30 October 2021 8am – 12pm US Pacific virtual event

Call for Presentations:

submit an abstract for your pre-recorded video presentation about the intersection of Information Theory with Space and Satellites.

Information theory has fundamentally shaped space communication system design and operation. Space and satellite channels present a wide variety of challenging conditions ranging from Doppler to very low signal-to-noise to extreme delays. Information theory provides powerful and useful tools and concepts ranging from Forward Error Correcting codes to Age of Information.

Authors are invited to submit their work on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Communication in high frequency (mmWave, THz, optical) bands
  • New protocol requirements
  • Energy-efficient communications
  • Hardware-constrained communications, especially radiation constraints
  • Latency, delay, and age of information
  • Multi-user information theory
  • Uncoordinated random access

Our special theme is Amateur Radio and Amateur Satellite theory and practice. Presentations that highlight the role of amateur radio are appreciated and will be given additional recognition at the event.

Submit an abstract of your presentation by 15 October 2021 to:
abstracts at openresearch dot institute

Videos due by 20 October 2021.

100 free tickets will be available. RSVP through IEEE vTools.

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