Has not been canceled.

Open Research Institute (ORI) is a non-profit research and development organization which provides all of its work to the general public under the principles of Open Source and Open Access to Research.

ORI does open source digital radio technical and regulatory work, with a focus on designs useful for emergency communications and education.

We’ve proposed an Open Source Showcase to RF Village, with accessible exhibits and demonstrations of the following projects.

Regulatory Efforts: ORI works hard for open source digital radio work and moves technology from proprietary and controlled to open and free. Our work on ITAR, EAR, Debris Mitigation, and AI/ML will be presented and explained.

Ribbit: this open source communications protocol uses the highest performance error correction and modern techniques to turn any analog radio into a digital text terminal. No wires, no extra equipment. The only thing you’ll need is the free open source Android or IoS app on your phone. Learn how to use this communications system and get involved in building a truly innovative open source tactical radio service.

Satellite: ORI has the world’s first and only open source HEO/GEO communications satellite project. We will demonstrate all working parts of the transponder project. See broadband digital communications and open source electric propulsion. Find out how to support or join the team.

Versatune: amateur digital television next generation hardware and software demonstration. All open source and affordable.

HF: We have a novel foldable antenna design for space and terrestrial, along with an HF QRP system and protocol. Both will be demonstrated together in RF Village.

SWAG: We’ll be giving away a variety of items such as stickers, patches, and pins. Come and get them while they last!