Welcome to the Trans-Ionospheric badge! The Trans-Ionospheric is a hackable conference badge. We intend for it to be a fun wearable amateur radio peripheral for Phase 4 Ground and Space projects.

Trans-Ionospheric demonstrated at DEFCON26 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Here’s a segment about Trans-Ionospheric from Hackaday’s #badgelife DEFCON26 documentary :

Thank you for supporting us at our events! Afterward, you can update your own firmware with just a bit of extra work and a bit of equipment. You will need an SWD interface. If you don’t already know how to do this, then adding it to your skill set will open up a ton of new projects and give you superpowers!

This badge is fully customizable. The Trans-Ionospheric repository has what you need.

Here are a few direct links to some of the READMEs in the repository that will help you get started.

To access the bluetooth monitor mode, which has some easter eggs, the app nRF UART and/or nRF Connect will be very helpful. Both are IOS/Android.

Have an idea for the badge? Let us know! Kick off a discussion at the GitHub repository or write us directly.

Most importantly, have fun!